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With Bancor 3, we want you to earn more while doing less.

Designed for growth

Dual Rewards

Token projects can now offer auto-compounding rewards in their own tokens, increasing profits to LPs who continue to enjoy protection from impermanent loss

Third-Party IL Protection 

Token projects can now offer IL protection, which accelerates token listing

Composable Pool Tokens

Bancor 3 introduces a new kind of composable single-sided pool token that only rises in relation to the staked asset, making them the ideal collateral and an excellent DeFi money lego.

Revised Tokenomics

Revised tokenomics enable a more cost-efficient system for IL protection and create greater deflationary pressure on BNT.

Liquidity Direction

The BancorDAO can now direct BNT liquidity to more profitable pools.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it, he who doesn't, pays it.

Albert Einstein

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@LINKorBust · Mar 14

The fact that my monthly @Bancor pool rewards are equivalent to about 6-7 rental properties worth of monthly income is blowing my mind a little bit

No risk, no headaches, no maintenance bills, property taxes, problematic tenants, and its all automated.

Feeling very comfy. 

Start earning on your favorite token now. 
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Bancor 1

Introduced the first Automated Market Maker (AMM), solving the liquidity problem where sparse order books struggled to guarantee liquidity to investors on both sides of a trade.


Bancor 2

With Bancor out in the wild, we got to work solving two key issues in AMM pools: Forced token exposure and Impermanent Loss, which are responsible for wiping out billions in crypto gains every year.


Single sided Liquidity

Stake a single token and maintain 100% upside exposure.

IL Protection

Stake your tokens with zero risk of impermanent loss.

It’s a new dawn for DeFi. Bancor 3 takes “stake and chill” to a whole new level, and levels the playing field for everyday users seeking safe and sustainable yield.

Loss protection


The second you stake your favorite token


A new architecture for Bancor3 that enables new use cases, better transparency and lower gas fees across the system

Lower Gas Fees

Multichain Portability


Infinity Pools

No deposit limits means you no longer have to wait for room in your favorite pools

@BowTiedNileCroc · Mar 5

If you have enough $USDC at any point in this bull market, you can stake it @Bancor and retire your 9 - 5 job.

@kobeehunt21 · Jul 9

@Bancor is probably the best platform to earn interest on your crypto without worrying about it.

Pro tip: Either keep staking your rewards and compound rates, or withdraw your rewards and stack them as you continue to earn more.

Steezy moon shot link'n
@TLinkboi · Aug 12

In 3 years, my modest monthly compounding on Bancor is going to give me enough income to live on. $BNT